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Dream Stones


Dream stones are crystals and stones that are believed to have an effect on dreams. A dream stone helps you focus your dreaming energy for increased recall and lucid dreams. It also helps you achieve better dreams and more restful sleeps.

Importance of Dreams

The quality of one’s sleep is important to his overall well-being. Dreaming is believed to be a very effective way for the unconscious mind to refresh and revitalize. Most researchers believe that dreams help an individual fight stress.

In a more spiritual perspective, dreams are believed to help humans establish a deeper connection with the spirit guides. They also serve as guide to help us achieve a greater purpose in life.

How do dream stones affect our dreams?

Dream stones are a collection of crystals and stones that significantly improve the quality of dreams and their understanding. You may have experienced having a powerful dream that left you a strong feeling but could not remember more of its details nevertheless. During these times, dream stones could have very well come in handy.

A good recollection allows us to better understand the messages these dreams try to convey, the hints they want to show and the intuitions they desire to instill in our unconscious minds.

Most popular dream stones

There are a variety of dream stones that are available to your aid. The most common and popular ones which are included in the Dream Stones kit are:

Amethyst. Amethyst is the top choice for dream recall. It is very well known for easing communication and is used to help us to better interact with the spiritual realm. It improves the reception of messages within us, making us remember and interpret our dreams better. Place under the pillow to help you get better sleep.

Black Tourmaline: An excellent absorber of negative energy and therefore is useful for treating nightmares. Keep a piece on the bedside table or under the pillow.

Turqurenite: Helps to calm and is a good stone to combat insomnia. Place under your pillow to absorb its calming influence creating peaceful dreams.

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