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doTERRA Turmeric - Immune, Internal and External Health Support


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doTERRA Turmeric Essential Oil has a multitude of health uses. Long used in Ayurvedic medicine as an anti-inflammatory, the oil can be used daily to support healthy immune function and healthy circulation.*

Turmeric essential oil has two unique chemical components, Turmerone and ar-Turmerone which are most commonly known for their nervous system* and emotional benefits. Promoting feelings of positivity,* Turmeric is beneficial both internally and aromatically.

Turmeric can also help to promote clear, smooth, and radiant-looking skin and has strong antioxidant benefits.

Primary Benefits

Helps support healthy glucose and lipid metabolism*

May enhance cellular antioxidant enzymes* (e.g. glutathione)

Helps support healthy nervous and cellular function*

Has been shown to increase curcumin potency and absorption*

May promote healthy immune function and response*

When diffused, Turmeric provides an emotional lift and may help improve mood

Supports clean and healthy-looking skin while reducing the appearance of blemishes


Take internally for daily antioxidant support and to improve immune response.*

As metabolic support, use Turmeric when trying to get back on track.*

When needed, use Turmeric as a spot treatment or in an all-over face mask to help reduce the appearance of blemishes or for a healthy-looking overall glow.

Diffuse Turmeric or put a drop or two into your hand and inhale to promote feelings of positivity and to improve mood.

After strenuous activity, incorporate Turmeric into your soothing recovery routine.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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