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Birte's Ear Candles ( 1 Pair )


*Paraffin free – clean burning *100% Australian beeswax.

*Hand made *Tapered end suitable for all ages.

*Includes wrapped Garlic Oil capsule.

Hand rolled and tapered to ensure best fit.

Ear Candling has it's origins in Chinese, Egyptian and American Indian cultures. Our candles are made from 100% pure cotton and West Australian beeswax. Easy to follow instructions are on the inside of your wrapper.

Ear aches may be a result of fluid build up, trauma, dental issues, sinusitis, flu or hay fever.

For relief from migraine, swimmers or glue ear and the discomfort when flying or diving, Birte's has proven to be a great aid.

The garlic oil capsule can be taken orally if not needed for the ear candling treatment.

Remember, earwax performs a vital role in keeping your ear canal happy and healthy.

Birte's, quality assured, value guaranteed.

If symptoms persist, seek advise from your healthcare professional.

People who use Birte's Ear Candles also love our Ear, Nose and Throat spray....the perfect pair!

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